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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:46:02 -0800 (PST)
From: chip ster
Subject: My Journey-Sequel 3My Journey - II-3
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2003 10:13:55 -0800 (PST)
From: chipster
Subject: My Journey - Sequel 03My Journey - Sequel Three
Written by Larry Laetus - ( )This continues "My Journey" which first appeared in Nifty's camping
category back in August of 2003. It contains graphic sexual acts between
male teens and male adults. If you are under the age of 18, or if
possession of erotic literature is forbidden in your community (tsk), or
readership of material that present sexual relationships between two or
more members of the pre-teen japan
same sex in not to your liking, or illegal where you
reside, please pass by this story. The author retains all rights to the
story and it may not be distributed or copied to any other web site or
printed source with out written permission of the author. * * * * * * * * * *I was in my den working on some accounting when I heard this ruckus and
banging out front. I made my way to the front door and it burst open
revealing my son John and a friend. I was awe struck by this newcomer's
physique."What's going on, John?" I studied his companion with care. He was about 5'
11" tall and must be about John's weight, 167 pounds. Both boys were
shirtless, so I got a good look at his impressive chest and enviable
abdominals."Hey Dad, this is my new buddy Chris. Chris, my Dad." John had his arm
around Chris' shoulder and the fingers of his hand were tickling this guy's
pecs. With his other hand he slapped Chris' stomach and illegal pre-teen sex pictures
rubbed it, then
drew his pre-teen cheerleader pictures
hand back and looked at me with that nice grin of his."Chris moved into town pre-teen asian girls
about six weeks ago. I met him at wrestling
practice. Coach assigned him as my practice partner. Dad, he is so good!"
He gave Chris a big hug. Chris grinned and hugged back.My eyes roamed up and down this new buddy. Thighs like trees trunks that
stretched his nylon running shorts so they split at the side, and huge calf
muscles, split into two rounded segments. Very lean, I'd guess about five
percent body fat, and really defined musculature. Poetry in motion came to
mind. What really caught my attention was the bulge at his
crotch...massive. I could see what attracted my son to him."Hey, I told Chris about our badminton court out back and he wants to play
a few games. You want to come out and be our line judge. You know, keep the
arguments down for us? Dad, hello, earth calling father, come in please!"
John was smiling at me and his eyes were a twinkle with free pre-teen cartoon pics mirth. He had
caught me staring at Chris."Oh, yes. I'm ready for a break." Yeah, I needed a break all right. A
break to study this new stud and watch him in action. What better way than
to act as erotic stories pre-teen boys a line judge for them. I could study him and not be blamed for
staring at this magnificent body."Oh, a break from what?" asked Chris in his fine tenor voice. A delicious
shiver went up my spine."I do electronic bookkeeping for small business owners. It gets tedious at
times, and you have to keep alert to minimize numerical errors that can
bite you in the ass later.""Interesting. My Dad is a route salesman for a large corporation. I seldom
get to see him during the week and on weekends he is always writing
reports." Chris' voice had a bit of regret in it."Well, some of us are lucky and some of us have to work at it. Come on out
back. I want to see which one of you bests the other." The three of us went
out the kitchen door, across the patio and out to the badminton court. John
grabbed a couple of pre-teen school girl upskirts shuttlecocks and rackets. I pulled a patio chair to the
net and picked up the small chalkboard to keep score on."Hey, this is kind of nice. A bit like tennis, isn't it?" asked Chris and
he swished his racket back and forth to get a feel for it."Yep, but the shuttle is a lot smaller and handles different than a tennis
ball. You'll see! The strokes are similar to tennis, forehand, backhand,
power strokes, and stuff,"" explained John. "I'm going to enjoy beating
your ass at this game!"They began swatting the shuttle back and forth. I was surprised at how
quick and agile Chris was on his feet. amateur non-nude pre-teens With his bulk, you would think he
would be slower to react. I marveled at his tanned body and the way the
sunlight played off his flexing muscle. The two galleries pre-teens boys were soon covered in a
sheen of perspiration and the sight of their firm bodies flexing and
straining was giving me a strain in my crotch area.John won two out of the three games they played. Chris agreed it was
different from the tennis he played and a bit more fun dodging for the
shuttle. I was disappointed that they decided to pre-teen japanese models
stop playing. I was
enjoying the sight of their nylon shorts pulled tight over their bursting
cocks and firm ass cheeks. As the nylon material became sweat soaked, more
of their manhood became visible. I figured neither boy had worn briefs or
boxers. sexy pre-teen models pics
Interesting!"Hey Chris, how about we go in a get something cold to drink. I'm sweating
like a horse, and I'm sure I must smell like one." John went over to Chris
and flung his arm over Chris' shoulders and around his neck and pulled
Chris into his wet torso.Chris broke free and pushed John off. "Don't put your sweat on me. You
really need to shave off that pit hair so you won't stink so bad!" He
raised one arm to show his shaved armpit and turned his head and made like
he was sniffing at it. "See, no stink!" and he broke out laughing and
danced away from John's playful punch."Dad, this dude shaves his body every three days! You should see him in the
shower, a real baldy!'"Hey, don't diss me for shaving. You like it when you're wrestling with me,
buddy. You've even said so illegal pics of pre-teens a couple of times. You'd be a better wrestler if
you'd do it, dude. Your opponents wouldn't get a grip on you!" The two of
them were once again hanging on each other. I thought this was a bit
unusual for John to be so chummy and feely touchy."Yeah, then I really would have a problem hiding my big cock in the
showers!" laughed John.We went into illegal pre-teens sex the kitchen and John poured us each a tall glass of cold
water. I sat down at the kitchen table and slowly drank mine and watched
the two boys interact. The two teenagers stood on the other side of the
counter top, gulping down several glasses of water.John brought up the subject of large cock again. Bells started to sound in
the back of my mind. Here I was watching two russian pre-teen bbs teen studs in their prime, all
sweaty and horny. Now, out of the blue, John starts a conversation about
his penis size."Dad, the other day, when pre-teen asian sex video Chris and I were practicing, he got me into a
rear crotch ride and was on top of me. Chris was able to pin me because he
worked his pre-teen newsgroup
prick into my ass cheeks. He has got one huge cock. I was extreme underground pre-teen porn so
stunned that I forgot to block him and he flipped and pinned me on the
mat. I'll bet that pecker measures ten inches when hard. " He smiled at
Chris."Yeah, well you're pretty well fixed yourself, ol' buddy!" Chris turned to
look at me, his hand lightly caressing his crotch, like he was lifting his
balls to be hot pre-teens pics
more comfortable. "John tells me you're pretty well fixed too,
Mr. Laetus. Care to show me what you've got? I'll show you mine, if you'll
show me yours."I felt like the deer caught in the headlights at night. My mouth dropped
open, but I was at a loss for words. I swallowed and replied, "I'm not into
that kind of stuff, pre-teen incest Chris. It's a bit inappropriate pre-teen sexy bikini pics for me as an adult to
be showing you, a teenager, my package.""Shit man, I won't tell anyone, and you sure as hell won't tell
anyone. John's here, so what's the harm in comparing notes, so to speak?"
Chris was fiddling with the waistband of his nylon shorts."Yeah Dad, you chicken? Hey Chris, look here! Is yours bigger than this?"
So saying John pulled his shorts to his knees, exposing one fine slab of
extending meat. He caressed the swollen flesh with the palm of his hand,
and fingered his sweaty nut sack. Chris reached over to feel its girth."Not bad buddy, but I hate to tell you but you're a bit shy compared to
this one!" Chris rolled his shorts down his hefty thighs to expose his
bare-naked pubic area. His growing pecker arched over a full sac of
good-sized eggs. I watched closely as it rose up away from his body, filled
and expanded and stood high and tight against his hard stomach muscles. It
was well above his navel, at least an inch and a half above...a magnificent
ten inches of pulsing sweet pre-teen bald man meat.John gave a low whistle. "Man, I have never seen you hard before, but you
sure have one mighty fine prick. Can I feel up hairless pre-teen pussy that monster? Dad, do you
see this? It has got to match yours for sure!" He stepped closer to Chris
and his hand went out to slide up and down that monster cock. Chris did
something I'd seen only at physique shows. He raised his bulky arms up,
placed his hands behind his head and stood with legs spread, hips thrust
forward. His magnificent body was at full display.I was speechless. pre-teen blow jobs He was totally exposed. His nylon shorts dropped to cover
his ankles and sneakers. His eyes were sparkling; he had this wonderful
grin, with the tip of young pre-teens sex his tongue sticking out the side of his full red
lips. He was indeed hairless. Shaved of all hair, except for the
close-cropped hair on his head. I got lost as my pre-teen russian nude girls eyes roamed over this
living Adonis. I felt dizzy, giddy as I looked at the way his pecs spread
up to his grapefruit size deltoids, his baseball shaped bicep, sinewy
forearms. The depression down the middle of his pecs, through his stomach
drew your attention to the beautifully formed glans head of his cut
cock. His nipples were the size of brown quarters, with erect nubs just
begging to be licked, nipped, and sucked on.Chris went into a few quick bodybuilder poses. Then relaxed, looking at me
said, "I do love to show off this body of mine. People really enjoy
watching the muscles pop. Okay, shows over! Let me see yours and we'll
compare size and see if John and Cory are right!" He stepped up to me and
his hands went to my hips and slowly lowered my shorts. "Looks like you wet
your pants here!"Yes, I had been hard and my cock slit was dripping with 3d pre-teen models pre cum
lubricant. Chris eased my shorts over my boner and down to my knees.
Stepping into me, he bent down his schlonger to line it up with mine. He
was about a half inch longer, but mine had more bulk, wider than his."Guess I was right, I am longer, but you got to be wider. Hey, John! I bet
that pre-teen models in panties hurt going up your ass. I can see why Cory likes having it fill him
up! Be fun to try it on for size." Chris had started to gently stroke my
swollen vein engorge shaft. That got a moan of pleasure from me. I quickly
recovered my senses."John, what's youth-petite pre-teen girl upskirts going on here? I thought we talked this over and decided we
wouldn't do this again. And what did Cory tell him?" John walked around the
corner of the kitchen counter and all he was wearing were his gym socks and
sneakers. He came around to prety pre-teens stand behind me, rubbing his cum slick cock
head up and down the crack of my ass cheeks. He nuzzled his head into my
shoulder and spoke into my ear."Dad, we're all horny here, just go with the flow. We free pre-teen xxx
can both see you want
it; you have been drooling over Chris since we came barging through the
front door. Oh, and Cory only made a comment as he watched us wrestling and
saw Chris' bulky singlet. He compared Chris' bulk with yours. Then in the
showers, Chris noticed how huge my pecker was, so he put two and two
together and came up with your having a massive dick like his. Of course,
once he surmised that, he wanted to compare his with yours, so he worked on
me until I agreed to stage a showing." His hands were on pre-teen fucking mpg my hips and he was
pressing Oscar junior deeper between my ass crack. My body temperature was
rising from all the caressing and fondling of my body.In the meantime, Chris had hunkered down and had his hands gripping my
thighs and I felt his hot breath on my pecker. His hot wet tongue shot out
and he licked up from naked pre-teensex my ball sac to the top of my glans, swirled around
the crown, then back down to my nuts. I died and went to heaven. I moaned
in candid pre-teen my pleasure as his tongue licked my shriveled sac and sucked on each
testicle. John's muscular arms slid under mine and his fingers zoned in on
my nipples. He caressed my chest under the nipples, then with young pre-teen model
his thumb and
forefinger, rolled each nub softly, and then plucked them outward. I
writhed in ecstasy as the sensations these two teenage studs were causing
soared throughout my quivering pre-teen cosplay gothic body.I gasped as Chris fully enveloped my swollen prick into his mouth. His
tongue washed pre-teen oral sex the underside of my cock as it stretched his lips wide headed
down his pre-teenz xxx throat. I felt the delicious feeling of his throat muscles clench
tightly and then relax as he tried to swallow. At the same time, I felt my
son's swollen cock push against my puckered ass ring, forcing itself
inward, penetrating my sphincter, stretching my ass ring to accommodate its
girth. I was caught in a meat sandwich. I was loving it!John's arms were forcing my very young girl pre-teen
shoulders back, which in turn forced my crotch
and fat cock deeper down Chris' throat. He gagged, recovered and pulled
back. John's cock was fully seated up in my ass, filling my rectum with his
hot rod. He proceeded to slowly withdraw and slowly re-enter my ass with a
long smooth inward thrust. My nerve cells were on overload. pre-teen nudist pics My gonads were
building a sperm load.Chris pre-teen nude images pulled off my cock just long enough to ask my son John if he was
ready."Yeah, my cocks embedded up his ass, I'm looking for his nut. Let's go for
it buddy, suck his cock and wait for the load he's building for you."
Those were the last words I heard until Chris had sucked my pre-teen ls-mag seed down his
gullet, and John had pumped and deposited pre-teens studio photos his cream deep up my rectum. The
kitchen was filled with slurping sounds pre-teen boys in shower and slap, slap, slapping sounds,
and my groans and moans of pleasure as the two teens guided me to a pre-teen no nude pics massive
orgasm.I shuddered and writhed as wave after wave of intense pleasure tore
thorough pre-teens model pics
my tensed frame. Chris raised my pre-teen hardcore sex thighs to his shoulders and held
me there as his mouth continued to suckle my throbbing manhood. My muscles
strained for release. The final tingle went from head to balls, and from
there out my piss slit to fill Chris's mouth with my hot wads. I heard him
gulp and cough. I was just about sitting on John's hard pecker and hips as
I felt his hot sperm surge into my colon.I was released and staggered to lean against the counter top. Chris had
laid on his back on the floor and John was straddling his hips. Chris held
his cock up, and John spread his ass cheeks and lowered himself onto
Chris. I watched my son's ass took Chris' enormous prick deep up his
innards. John then was fully filled with Chris cock, and started rotating
his hips and doing little bobsJohn bent forward over Chris' hot body. He placed his hands under each of
Chris' armpits and lowered his lips to young pre-teen videos Chris' waiting tongue. I watched as
the two boys licked tongues and sucked on lower lips and nuzzled. All the
time John's hips were pumping up and down on Chris's massive swollen and
pulsing man stalk. I knew Chris had cum. I saw the slick fluid running down
Chris shaft and heard the sloppy slurping sound. My cock pulsed and cum
dripped out onto the tile floor.Seeing this, I just couldn't let it pass by. I straddled over Chris' head
and squatted down. John was facing me and he grabbed me and pulled me into
a wet hot kissing session, as Chris's tongue started lapping my sperm wet
ass ring. John and my cock heads bobbed against each other, we both came
off with sizeable globs of sperm which fell to Chris muscled chest and
stomach.I felt Chris push my ass up off his face. His strong fingers digging into
the back of my thighs.'"Oh, fuck! That has got to be the hottest fucking fuck fest I've ever been
in." whispered Chris as I rose up with John to stand straddling Chris'
sweat and cum splashed beautiful body. We looked down at our champion. His
cum slick cock was still standing at full boobs pre-teen lesbian
pre-teen thumb galleries alert looking for more."Agreed, but I can't compete with you two studs. Look at that pecker, still
hard and standing. I just don't know were you guys get the stamina to keep
it hard like that." I was taking big gulps of air and feeling my pulse rate
decrease. "I've got to sit down and get my breath back. Whew, that was
fucking phenomenal."Chris stood pre-teen sex pictures free up and was wiping up the puddles of cum with the side of his
palm, offering it to John and I to lick off his hand. He sucked on his cum
covered fingers and smacked his lips. John walked up to him and slid his
arms around Chris' waist and they were once again swapping spit between
their lips.Oh, to be young and not have to wait sites pre-teens to recover. I was amazed at the
gentleness these two bulky kids showed to each other, yet extracting as
much sexual energy as possible from each other.John turned to look at me. "Dad, you okay? You look kind of pale. Look,
maybe I should have talked to you before about this. Chris, Corey and I
have been having a three way suck and fuck session every chance we could
get the last two weeks. We've been fucking like rabbits together." I think
my mouth dropped open."I think you two need to gather your shorts and go with me into the den. We
have to have a discussion about all this." I bent and picked sweet pre-teen nubiles
up my t-shirt
and shorts and headed for my den. The two boys followed me and sat their
naked butts down on my leather chairs. I sat in my desk chair facing them."Chris, I don't know if you know about the Cory affair of a couple weeks
ago, but John and I had a little talk about that not happening again." I
looked at John with the sternest look I could muster."What we did is against the law in this community. Sodomy is a serious
crime and frowned upon by the authorities. I could have my ass thrown in
jail for the rest of pre-teen free samples my life if anyone, ANYONE, finds out about
this. Couple that with the charge of contributing to the delinquency of
minors, and you two are minors, I'd never see the light of day again, and
you two would suffer humiliation and condemnation from your peers. Our
society just does not do this kind of thing! Am I making this clear to you
two?" I sat waiting for one of them to respond.Chris looked at me with that cute grin on his face. "If this means I'm not
going to wind up having your fat cock inserted up my ass, then I'm not
liking it, Sir!""Chris, don't, gawd! Didn't you just hear what I said? What you three
teenagers did or do amongst yourselves in one thing. You involve an adult
and you get a whole lot of trouble in this community. I don't know how it
was where you come from, it appears they were damn lenient when it comes to
social conduct with minors.":"Sir, I'm not ashamed of what I did with you. You appeared and acted like
you were really into it and that just made me lust the more for you. I
wanted it to happen! John and I had discussed it prior to coming here
today. He said you would be pissed, but I didn't care, I still don't care
what people think about what we did. I enjoyed it, we all enjoyed it and
are more relaxed because of it." His face was pleading for me to side with
him.John took his turn at trying to convince me that there was no harm in three
males getting their rock off with each other. Chris interjected his
thoughts along the way. What was I going to do with these two studly randy
teenagers? I was inwardly amused that two 17 year olds were lecturing me on
the merits of male pleasuring. Chris stood and started pacing back and
forth in front of me. I took note of his dangling cock, which was starting
to fill and jut out before him. He reached for his erection which was
centered above his full scrotum. He started gently pre-teens girl modeling stroking it and walking
back and forth in deep thought.He stopped in front pre-teen models bikini of me. "If I give my promise to never divulge what we
did to anyone, and to refrain from asking you to give me the fucking I want
after this, will you fuck me? I have got to find out what it feels like to
have a cock similar to mine pre-teen non-nude pics
stretch and fill my ass. You are my only chance
to find out how it feels. I need to know so I can control myself and this
big fucker of mine."I looked at this Adonis as he leaned with both hands on my desk and stared
at me."Chris, I don't even know if I can get a hardon this soon skinny pre-teen models
after spilling my
seed all over the kitchen. I'm older than you two prime studs and it takes
longer free pre-teen models to recover and refill my pre-teen passwords
testicles with sperm. That is if I agree
with what you are asking!"Chris looked me deeply in the eyes. "I don't like saying this, free pre-teen porn websites
but it
appears to be the only way I am going to get what I want. If you don't fuck
me and fuck me well, I'm going out of this house and straight to my parents
and tell them you raped me. I'm serious Mr. Laetus, real serious. I get
what I want and I pre-teen pron galleries want your cock planted in my ass!"I looked around him at John. "You see John, now its blackmail and coercion!
Where does it stop? Are you willing to split our family apart over this? To
destroy our lives?"John got up and putting his arm on Chris shoulder, looked at me and said,
"He wants to get fucked, and fucked with your big cock. What's wrong with
that? We've done that, and I think that's called incest. We have both enjoy
bringing on orgasms. Shit, Dad, you gave me my first climax in your
sleeping bag at camp. Chris wants it, he's pleading, begging for it. I say
fuck him and it will be all over! He won't tell anyone because I am here
witnessing what is going on. Its consensual sex between consenting adults."I looked at him is disbelief. I even laughed to myself. "You're not adults
yet, not by a long shot in the eyes of the law!"I stood up and the two boys came to me and hugged me between them. Their
hands roamed and coaxed my body to respond. And respond it did. I was soon
fully erect and ready. John had come up with a tube of lubricant and had
coated my hard cock till it glistened in the light. Chris bent forward to
leaned against my desk.John nude pre-teen toplist applied and worked in lubricant, with his finger, into Chris hot
hole. I felt my body temperature rising, my temples throbbing as my mind
raced through what I was about to do. For all I knew, Chris was a
virgin. If that was the case...well, I knew I'd better do the best I could
to give him the most spectacular fucking my cock was capable of giving.John and Chris were nude pre-teen pictures softly coaxing, urging me on, guiding me into
position. John had my hard dripping dick in one hand, his other in the
small of my back pushing me forward into Chris' two melon size ass
cheeks. I placed my hands on each side of his hips as John guided my cock
to Chris willing asshole. I moved my hips forward until I felt pre-teen torrent
Chris' ass
lips start sliding over my swollen glans. I felt his sphincter snap closed
as the glans slowly sank into his rectum.I huskily asked, "How you doing Chris? If it hurts I can pull out and work
on your pucker some more to enlarge it. I'm really stretching your anus and
it is so tight around my shaft." I stopped. I waited for an answer. John's
hand at my back applied more pressure, urging me to keep pushing inward."NO, No, don't stop. It feels different, but it doesn't hurt. In fact, it
feels wonderful. I didn't know my ass could accommodate your cock. I can
feel you in me," came out softly from Chris' mouth. He raised his head from
between his shoulders, turned and begged me to naked pre-teen girls modeling continue.It was pure torture to me. I felt the pressure of his ass ring gripping my
cock, but the heat from his inner rectum wall pre-teen free sex movies felt great. I soon slid in
four inches and felt my glans bump into his love nut. His prostate was a
hard lump. I bumped it again, and heard Chris groan. pre-teens sex pics I smiled. I did some
short jabs bumping his love nut with each inward thrust, then slid past it
until I felt his rectum tightly grip all round my throbbing shaft. Chris
groaned and told us he could feel my cock deep up inside him. I soon had
all nine some inches of hard throbbing cock up into him with my pubic bush
tickling his ass cheeks.Now, I slowly pulled out, looking down, seeing his ass pull out with my
cock. Chris was moaning about how good that felt. When my glans felt the
resistance of his tight sphincter pre-teen underage illegal muscle, I started a real slow slide back
into him. I took it slow and easy for about three minutes, until it became
easier to thrust in and out of his lubricated man pussy. Yes, I thought of
it as a man pussy, much like my wife's but tighter and better feeling, more
responsive. I started twisting my dick around, angling it in different
directions so that Chris could really appreciate all I was giving him. The
kid was crooning steadily and gasping and pounding his fist on my
desktop. I'd hot pre-teen pics have to scold him for that later."Okay, Chris! Get ready as I am really going to start fucking you faster
and harder. I saw John go round my desk and place his hands on Chris
shoulders to steady him. The kid was laying on my desk, his arms extended,
hands grasping the desk edge.I reared back and slammed a good hard one into him. "Like that, Chris? Like
that hard fuck?" I pulled out and slammed back in fast and hard. I heard
him gasp and then he urged me to do it again. I was getting into it and
just stood there behind him flexing my hips back and forth into him. My
sweat was dripping on his back. I was breathing harder with the
effort. John was watching my face and licking his lips, he had a silly grin
that made me return one and really speeded up my fucking of this muscular
marvel. I writhed with my passion and slammed that last one deep up into
him and screamed my pleasure and spilled wad after wad of cum up his colon."Oh, holy shit, is that it, are you creaming my ass? Unnngh! Oh, it feels
so hot. Keep your cock up in my ass, don't pull it pre-teens nudes beach out! I want to memorize
this feeling! Oh, sweet shit, thank you, thank you, th-a-n-k y-o-u!"
mumbled Chris as my orgasm wound down and I started pulling my swollen cum
slick prick from his now red swollen anus. I slid it back in, writhed with
the sensation on my glans, and fell backward pulling my pud out of him.I flopped into one of the leather chairs and slumped down into it. Chris
raised up off the desktop and turned to look at pedo pre-teen cp me. I witnessed the strands
of cum stretch from the desk to his swollen fat prick, then break and fall
away. His stomach was smeared with remnants of cum. I figured the pre-teen boy nudists
kid had
cum one or two times as I plowed his ass and creamed the top of my
desk. His cock flopped from one thigh to the other as he walked over and
knelt down between my spread legs. He placed his huge hands on top my knees
and slid them along my thighs as he moved in closer to me. He was looking
up at me as I stared down watching.He had this funny glazed eye look, and a silly grin on his face as he
nuzzled into my crotch and I felt his tongue touch my flaccid penis. He
began to lovingly lick and put suck kisses all along the shaft, sending
shivers through me."Please, no Chris, it's too sensitive! I can't take pre-teens nude pictures it! Don't! You don't
have to do that! Chris then sucked my growing man stalk into his hot saliva
filled wet mouth and gave it a hard long sucking. I writhed in the chair,
John was standing next to me watching what Chris was doing to me. He had a
grin on his face, or was it a smile of satisfaction."Yeah, Chris, show Dad how good you are at sucking cock. He loves it Dad,
and he knows how to really make it feel good." Chris stopped nursing on my
pecker and looked up at John."Hey John boy, come on down and clean up my crotch, its all nicely cum
covered. Show your Dad how good pre-teen boy cock videos
you are at cleaning out crotches. Bet
you've never done him like you do me, huh, big stud!" and he stood up to
reveal his beautiful body.He and John hugged and traded a wet sloppy kiss. John then slowly sunk to
his knees in front of Chris' muscular frame, his hands held on to Chris'
massive thighs and ass cheeks. I watched in awe as my son's tongue started
lapping the glistening cum from Chris' naked crotch area. He lapped on
Chris nut sack, hot pre-teen girls lapped around his hair free pubic area, lapped the stalk of
Chris pre-teen lesbos hard cock up and down, and I free pre-teen porn videos heard this pre-teen little girls model grunting slurping sound.Chris raised his arms and kds pre-teen
placed his hands locked behind his head. I was
amazed as I watched my son, start to give Chris a tongue bath. Chris
grinned at me and asked me if I wanted to join my son in washing his body.
Like in a dream, I got up out of the chair and my mouth went right to
Chris' left armpit and my broad tongue lapped upward pre-teens with small tits
against the tiny hair
stubble. The taste was tangy, salty, and all man."Feels like you need to shave your pits!" He laughed. I chuckled. He pushed
John away and grabbed me in his beefy arms. "Thanks Mr. Laetus, for giving
me free pre-teen boys naked the fuck of my life. Now I know fotos pre-teens nude how it feels when I shove it into my
buddies. Man, it does hurt like hell when you first push amsterdam pre-teen porn in, but after that
it's like heaven sent a blessing! I felt like I needed to shit out a big
turd, your cock filled me up inside. And then when you started to really
fuck me, it was wonderful, tingles went all through me and I, I, pre-teen girls naked pictures well it
just couldn't be described. You have to erotic pre-teen models feel it to know. Thanks, buddy!"I felt John press against my back, his cock pressed into my ass cheek
crevasse, his arms wrapping both Chris and I together. He nuzzled my neck
and licked an ear as he softly thanked me for helping Chris in his
quest. We broke apart and John suggested we have another shower and air out
the room. I went to my bath and quickly rinsed off. I toweled dry and
walked naked over to Johns bath. I stood outside the door and listened."Oh, shit, John! That feels so good, I didn't know my tits were so
sensitive. Suck on that one again, will ya! Mmmmm! Yeah! Here, let me do
you one.""Ouch, you pre-teen girls model pics fucker, you're not supposed to bite them! Man, you are such a
pig!"Yeah, but you got to admit I got talented fingers. How's that feel old
buddy? Like russian nude pre-teen girls what I'm doing to teens models pre-teens nude
that piece of fucking meat hanging here?" I
heard John's long satisfied sigh.I left them to play and went to get a beer in the kitchen. I needed the
energy it would provide me. I was shaking sex with a pre-teen my head as I walked back to the
den, then realized I was still naked, so turned and went back to my bedroom
to put on fresh shorts and t-shirt. I then padded bare footed back to the
den and my desk. I soon became involved with the accounting project I had
been working before being sidetracked by the boys.John pre-teen no nude came in much later. I pre-teens photo asked about Chris."Chris? Oh, Chris went home one sexually satisfied dude. Dad, you were
great and I got to thank you for doing what you did. He really appreciated
it and couldn't stop talking about it. He'll be, I think, a little gentler
with the next guy that gets plugged with that monster of his. He had me put
lotion on his pre-teen girls nudist pics pucker. Dad, it was so red and puffy. You should have seen
it. Wow, asian pre-teen modles he was so tender back there, I don't think he will walk right for
a couple of days. You know like I was when we first did it?""Yeah, I do remember. You realize what we did was not acceptable behavior
in the eyes of most pre-teenboys cocks
of your friends and neighbors, don't you. You realize
if someone pre-teen upskirts were to complain, or mention what happened in the wrong company,
my ass would be in jail in a flash?" I looked up at John for an answer."Dad, it won't happen! Chris and the guys are pre-teen animated naked very aware of how you adults
view all this shit. Its natural, guys like to be with guys, yah know, body
contact, pushing the limit, finding who's the best. Tell me you didn't
compare cock size with other guys in the showers at school! Yah can't, can
yah? You all did it, just like we do."I felt my smile spread across my face. He had a point. Guys do check out
guys at every opportunity. It flashed across my mind, that only the women
thought it was wrong for this to happen amongst men. I wondered if that was
envy on their part, or some carry over of possession and marriage
vows. Whatever, it was too ponderous to occupy more of my time."You have a point son, but listen to me. No more showing off the old man's
pecker. You hear me. free pre-teen model pictures And keep Cory under control, he's tried to solicit me
twice now!" I caught myself wagging a finger at him."Come on Dad, tell me you didn't enjoy that hot seduction by us? You
enjoyed getting your rocks off, and three times in the same day! Isn't that
a record?" The book I nonnude pre-teen sexy threw at him missed. He caught it as it whizzed by
and then put it on the bookshelf as he quickly skedaddled out of the room,
laughing. * * * * * * bbs pre-teens models * * * * * *If you have questions or comments about the contents of the above story,
please send an email to: the author, or to the editor. I promise you a prompt reply and
thanks for reading this as I hope it has young pre-teen modles helped you get off a nice one. I'd
love to hear about it. - Larry.
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